About Elliott Fine Homes

We're a bit "Old School" at Elliott Fine Homes.

We build our homes with passion, pay meticulous attention to detail and thoughtfully plan each home with the customer in mind.  This means each homeowner can expect to enjoy an elegant, comfortable and solid home, at the right price, for years to come. We draw upon the excellent support of our Superintendent Randy, the office staff and a seasoned team of sub-contractors and suppliers who all share in this enthusiasm of doing things right.

Ed Elliott, president of Elliott Family Homes, Inc., has been building homes in the Pacific Northwest for 33 years.  In 2012, Ed started Elliott Family Homes with his wife Anne. The company began building in the South Puget Sound area and has been steadily moving North.  Along the way, we’ve redesigned our product line, focusing on larger homes with more features.  We consider ourselves a boutique builder, committing to 5 to 10 quality homes per year.  Our focus is on smaller neighborhoods and spot lots in King County, as well as custom homes on homeowners’ property.  We enjoy concentrating on the details and really getting to know our clients.

Ed has a long and successful history in building quality homes in the Seattle area.  Prior to starting his own business, he worked both in the office and in the field at many prestigious builders such as Lozier Homes, Rick Burnstead Construction, and Sherman Homes.  Ed and a business partner owned and operated Harr Family Homes from 2001 to 2012.  Harr Family Homes built an average of 125 homes per year mostly in the Pierce and Thurston Counties.


“We were lucky enough to purchase our Elliott built home last year. We fall more in love with our home every day. The craftsmanship and attention to detail that the builder puts into the construction of their homes is amazing. We look forward to many years of growing our family in what truly is our dream home.”

The Elliott Fine Homes Advantage

  • Solid Construction Techniques

    Our attention to detail in the construction process is carefully focused at each phase of construction. We start by carefully matching each home plan to its site. This step enhances the streetscape and maximizes yard-size. The sub-contractors we employ are seasoned professionals who take pride in a job well done. We have worked with many of them for 18+ years. With our own 30 years of local homebuilding experience, we admit we are sometimes slow to embrace new cost cutting techniques and cheaper materials.
    Our Superintendents conduct multi-point inspections of construction details right down to the finishing touches. Each step is planned, reviewed, and verified according to the strictest of standards. Elliott Fine Homes also spends extra time on things you never see to ensure a solid home. Here are some examples of how we go the “extra mile”:
    • We take extra time drying out the houses thoroughly to avoid sheetrock shrinkage and nail pops. This costs us extra in energy costs and time, but we know it is worth it.
    • We use upgraded ¾” plywood subfloors which are glued, nailed and screwed prior to carpet and hardwood installation. This helps to eliminate floor squeaks.
    • We install a positive drain in the crawlspace - a pipe under the footing so that water doesn’t sit beneath your home.
    • Our framing is still old school, with studs placed 16” on center, even on interior walls. Many builders use 24” spacing and try sell it as “environmentally friendly”. We know our framing builds a stronger home, which is “owner friendly”!
    • We provide ample lighting throughout the house.
    • Skirt boards on stairways protect the walls and look more polished.
    • We still have windowsills and aprons throughout the home. Some builders don’t do that anyone.
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  • Great Location

    Real estate is all about location! Elliott Fine Homes strives to build homes in the kinds of communities where people want to live. It’s about good schools, proximity to work, shopping, parks and amenities.
  • Smart Design

    Elliott Fine Homes’ plans are always improving! We aim for flexible, functional, and well-designed homes that make the most every square foot.
    If you purchase early in the building process, we make it easy for you to choose from hundreds of options to customize your home. We guide you through this process by connecting you with our representatives at carefully selected flooring, interior and lighting design centers so you can select your own colors and finishes. We strive to keep the offerings fresh and new. Hide
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  • Exceptional Customer Care

    At the completion of your home, Elliott Fine Homes’ Project Manager reviews every inch of your home to make sure it meets Elliott Fine Homes’ standards. They will take you on a personal Homeowner Orientation Tour to make sure you are satisfied with your new home and they will demonstrate your home’s features, and review maintenance tips.
    Because of our old-school techniques and our commitment to quality, we believe that your home is going to fare well through the years. But sometimes things happen — so each home comes with a 2-10 Homebuyers Warranty and we respond to warranty requests promptly. Hide
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  • Quality Materials

    Elliott Fine Homes’ materials are chosen for long life and dependability, for easy care and low maintenance, allowing you more time to spend enjoying your home.
    Examples of our standard materials include:
    • Cemplank from Hardie siding as opposed to a lesser quality product like T1 – 11
    • Higher quality windows with a lifetime guarantee (we also choose a wider profile mullion that looks a lot better too)!
    • True hardwood or engineered floors (dependent upon location), not laminates
    • Custom-built cabinetry — not prefabricated from a box store
    • On-site painted millwork and doors, not factory painted and puttied
    • Premium Brushed nickel or Chrome faucet and fixture finishes
    • 3 cm slab quartz kitchen and master bathroom countertops (this is an upgrade for many builders)
    • Higher quality sinks and appliance packages — check them out and compare
    • Iron balusters on stairways, not wooden slats — because appearance counts!
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  • Superb Value

    Take a great location, a smart design, a solidly constructed home made with quality materials followed with exceptional customer care, and you get superb value.